34 Plumosa Mews
Carine Glades
Duncraig 6023
Perth, Western Australia
0416 925 596

Life therapy services by Archer Counselling in Perth

Archer Counselling is the independent and private counselling and psychotherapy service of Janet Irwin, a counsellor and credentialed mental health nurse in Perth, Western Australia, with 12 years professional experience counselling people to overcome their problems.

Janet offers compassionate, personal counselling and therapy services to help couples change their relationship with each other and individuals change their relationship with themselves.

If you need counselling, psychotherapy or simple guidance services for relationship, grief, alcohol, depression, addiction, anxiety, stress or whatever difficulty you are facing, Archer Counselling can help.

Counselling helps encourage the individual's capacity for learning and creation of new and unique possibilities through life's dilemmas.

Janet believes we all have the potential to transition into a more satisfying and preferred life.

Archer Counselling offers proven, creative and holistic therapy services to help you manage the changes you want to make in a way that integrates your particular values and life context.

Janet welcomes people wanting to expand their capacity for self development within a calm, safe and respectful therapeutic environment. All counselling and therapy services are in the strictest confidence.

For an appointment at the Archer St Physiotherapy Centre in the Perth suburb of
Duncraig in Western Australia, contact Janet on 0416 925 596.

Private health insurance rebates may be applicable.
Medicare rebates may apply with a G.P. referral.

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