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Carine Glades
Duncraig 6023
Perth, Western Australia
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Counselling and therapy approach

Archer Counselling services in Perth are provided within a respectful, non-judgmental and confidential therapy environment for couples and personal clients.

Janet is committed to creating a safe and therapeutic counselling relationship. Research shows the quality of the relationship directly affects the outcome of personal therapy services. Therefore it is important you feel you can get along with Janet.

Her approach involves working together to find particular ways in which you can change your relationship with whatever problem you are facing. She is especially interested in incorporating the unique personal skills, perspectives and knowledge you have cultivated during the course of your life in your own context and in your own way.

The holistic mind/body/spirit connection is of particular interest and if it seems appropriate you may be invited to try "mindfulness" as a way to study it. This involves being assisted to process gently, with curiosity and compassion, while observing what happens moment by moment.

Clients have enjoyed significant changes in how they experience themselves after counselling services and guidance in focused mindfulness.

Counselling emphasis

The emphasis at Archer Counselling is on how best to help you move in your desired direction, rather than analyzing why your life may not be going well.

You will not be diagnosed or given advice, whether your therapy involves relationship guidance, addiction, grief, trauma, depression, anxiety, stress or whatever your circumstances.

The ethical imperative Janet subscribes to is one of increasing options and utilizing self-responsibility.

Archer Counselling in Perth adopts the belief that you are able to determine your own needs and expand your repertoire of choices and behaviors in ways that feel better, achieve goals, grow, heal and improve your relationships and life in general.

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