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Counselling is generally short-term and focused on helping people identify their current problems and find solutions that help them live a preferred life. The work is often external to the person and concerns the present.

After counselling, people often describe feeling more confident, at peace with themselves and able to live life more fruitfully.


Psychotherapy is focused more on understanding the aspects of the person’s inner world and how that may be contributing to and affected by the current difficulty.

This is a longer process and involves careful reflection on the meaning of the problem and where it originated in the person's life. Psychotherapy may be indicated for pervasive longer-term problems often manifested during childhood.

"Psychotherapy 'happens' when two people are able to co-create a safe, reflective space within which the identified client or patient can speak and experience acceptance and understanding" - Liz Sheean, 2010 (Psychotherapy in Australia)

Therapy services people seek for assistance

  • People with concerns about their addiction to substance use who require a private and confidential service with a high level of discretion.
  • Medical professionals, veterinarians, people working with pharmaceuticals and anyone who is exposed to addictive substances in their workplace are welcome and treated with the highest levels of respect and discretion.
  • People with anxiety about their weight who may be wanting to explore ways to achieve more satisfying and nourishing movement styles. For instance, it may be as simple as rediscovering being in nature, walking along the river during sunset
    or spending time outdoors with animals.

In this work Janet is interested in helping you reconnect with those activities that feed your soul or inner world.

People also seek therapy for:

  • Improving their decision-making ability
  • Finding ways to maintain a healthy balance between work and family
  • Managing difficult emotions, including cravings, with integrity and compassion
  • Developing more heartfelt and loving relationships with their family
  • Learning how to let go of old fears and pain so they are able to enjoy their lives

Narrative therapy

Archer Counselling specialises in narrative therapy, a respectful counselling approach that doesn't blame you, the client, and doesn't dismiss the reality that you are an expert in your own life.

Narrative therapy treats your problem as separate from you and assumes you have skills, beliefs, knowledge, values and commitment that will help you eliminate or reduce the impact of that problem.

You can get further information about narrative therapy from the Dulwich Centre.

Commonly asked questions about narrative therapy

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